Opera Protocol

dApp Overview

The OPERA Lending & Borrowing Application
Opera's main utility and product is our dApp, which is the terminal through which users interact with the protocol.
Link to the dapp: app.operaprotocol.com

Stake + Lend

The Staking page is where lending and staking occurs, and also neatly displays a user's revenue, claimable yield, and information about lent funds. Here is where you can deposit and withdraw ETH.
NOTE: You must stake 2,500,000 $OPERA tokens in order to lend ETH to the dao pool.
Please keep in mind that you must be on the Ethereum blockchain within your wallet of choice for the dapp to function. It is recommended that you interact with the dapp via desktop only.
As of 7/21/2023, the dapp features two tabs, "Stake" and "Launch Token".

Launch Token

The Launch page allows you to input your parameters, borrow the liquidity you need, and launch on our platform all in a single page. Developers (borrowers) pay 0.1 ETH per ETH borrowed as an upfront premium to lenders to get access to capital. Developers pay the upfront fee plus gas when they fill out all fields and confirm the transaction. As soon as the launch transaction is confirmed, the token is live and tradeable on the Ethereum blockchain. You can then interact with the contract via Etherscan.