Opera Protocol

$OPERA Token

Our Token

Opera Protocol has a token that drives the ecosystem, and it is called $OPERA.
$OPERA is our governance + reward token that is distributed via token emissions to stakers. It may exist on multiple chains. Though it is not an investment vehicle, nor does it represent/act as a “share”, it is a free market and subject to volatility and risk. There are also several utilities the token will have at launch as well as in the future. The Opera Token is used to stake, lend, gain access to our dao, and will be used to pay for products and services within our ecosystem. Lenders must acquire and stake a minimum amount of $OPERA to gain the ability to lend and vote. (2,500,000 $OPERA) We will roll out more of our pillar usecases after our main product is live.


The tokenomics for $OPERA are simple. Each buy and sell gets taxed 4%. 3% of the tax goes toward our Marketing Efforts and Operations. 1% of the tax goes to Stakers in the form of Rewards. The tax is to sustain our project long term and dissuades short term swing trading of our token. Also the tax combats sandwich attacks.