Opera Protocol

Introducing OPERA

Welcome! 👋: We're excited to see you taking interest in our project. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up the date, as well as join our Telegram Community to communicate with the team. Please note that a traditional whitepaper may be released shortly after $OPERA launches on the Ethereum blockchain.


A new take on web3 liquidity and niche lending.
Opera Protocol is a new DAO Governed Liquidity Bank specifically for the purpose of launching new tokens across several blockchains in a safe a permissionless way. 🤝
OPERA works by allowing developers, builders, and degens to “get liquid” and fund their LPs (Liquidity Pools) with ETH, without having to ask anyone or wait for anything.
— You can think of this like an uncollateralized flashloan with an indefinite time horizon. We'll explain how this is possible and profitable for the DAO here in this documentation.
$OPERA holders can choose to lend their tokens to the DAO, which provides liquidity to new tokens in order to earn a passive % of trading fees virtually risk free.
Developers essentially borrow ETH from the DAO to launch their tokens in a 100% safe and seamless way.

Value Proposition

Opera makes it cheaper and faster to deploy and launch tokens on the blockchain. Borrowers (Developers) can come in and have the cost of adding liquidity to their LP cut to virtually zero, because they are borrowing that ETH from our DAO to use in their token. They don't have to worry about locking up tokens to facilitate trading for months, only to find their token didn't do as well as they anticipated. All they have to do is pay for gas. 🙌 Lenders (Stakers) are happy because they can lend their ETH to the pool and enjoy collecting an upfront premium paid by developers to gain access to capital via Opera. Also, each deployed token that utilizes Opera liquidity has a small transaction tax that goes to lenders as an added incentive.

Deep Dive

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our products quickly and easily.
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